The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that France abused the rights of three asylum seekers who lived for months on the roads with no implies to meet essential needs such as foods, houses, and healthcare.

The Strasbourg-based court stated The three single men, an Afghan, Russian, and Iranian aged 27, 33, and 46 individually, had been “unable to get the material and financial support to which they were entitled under French law.

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France is “responsible for the conditions in which they lived for months in the street with a permanent fear of being attacked and robbed,” the court said in a statement. One of them, an Iranian journalist who was inevitably allowed refugee status, lived on the lanes for about six months and was without assets for 133 days.

Another, an Afghan national who was eventually allowed helpful assurance in France due to savagery in his domestic locale, rested beneath canal bridges for 262 days. The court rejected a claim by a fourth asylum seeker. Whereas he had lived in a tent for at least nine months, he had been allowed a subsistence remittance after 63 days.

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The EU rights court has ruled a few times against France on its treatment of refugees, saying the nation is in breach of Europe’s human rights tradition prohibiting brutal or corrupting treatment. In February 2019, the court decreed France to pay 15,000 euros ($16,900) to an Afghan asylum seeker for failing to ensure him when, as a 12-year ancient, he lived alone in an improvised refugee camp in Calais, in northern France.

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