Dear World, I’m Haitham AbdulKareem Mohammad Sharf Al-Mutawakel and I hold a Yemeni passport. And my wife’s name: Bushra Yahya Salih Bawazer, holding a Yemeni passport.

I am an activist, political analyst, journalist, and a Bachelor’s degree graduate. I managed to flee from my country because of my political views and war after I called for peace. There were several attempts to assassinate me and I was kidnapped to the state of Oman without my knowledge. From there, I was taken to Iran where they provoked and tried to force me to work for the Iranian Militia and return to my country to implement tasks of them.

Somehow, I fled to Turkey and asked for asylum. Unfortunately, I along with my wife were taken from the house to the prison while she was pregnant. This happened without any charges, and any consideration for my case, and the state of my wife’s health. Besides, they took my signature on the deportation papers by force I tried to communicate with an INGO office to tell them, and unfortunately, they told me that their work has been suspended and handed over to the Immigration Department in Turkey. The Immigration Department in Turkey did not do anything.

They just told me that you either go to your country or remain in prison without any issue or any justification due to my political views that call for coexistence and peace in Yemen away from the war of religions and beliefs.

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