There was me

With all frightened faces under weapons

Some were throttled to death

Some chopped into pieces

Others were killed by firing

Kept gunpoint for having sex

And even thrown alive in the fire.

There was me

In the surrounded crowd

And a group of arms just went on killing,

Beat me to death on the spot

Dragged me on the rugged floor.

There was me

In helpless, fearful soul breathing in slow

Pushed me to leave home

To become hopeless

For them just to invade my land.

There was me

Without the hope of life again

Chased me whole travel to smash

They that had all with them

Ever no time to have water and bread.

There was me

With a busy struggling movement

Village to forest and river

And loud voice didn’t leave

Shouted at me with anger

Had to suffer till the exit.

There was me

In the harsh and long-distance to rush

Set trap for me in every step

And afraid of even my shadow

Thought of following by someone.

There was me

Without the mercy of perpetrators

At their side was too tough

What the weapons they used

Whom they demolished unlimited

Struck me through my heart!

There was me

In a hurry to escape

A bit impossible to pass

But Almighty showed me a path

At last, He carried me to a destination

And unforgettable till my disappear from this cruel world.

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