He is one of the genocide survivors who had to leave his home with family members during the crackdown of 2017. He is not the only person but there are almost one million Rohingyas who were just forced to leave everything behind.

Meet Nobi Huson, 50 years old, who has been surviving in the refugee camps for more than three years like the other people spending their days under a tarpaulin. But he is the one who has been working for the community through his art and singing. He is among the top people who keep the traumatized people happy and relax through his folk songs of Arakan.

Huson works as a singer and artist for the Artolution Bangladesh which has been transforming lives through Arts. So he is a member of that Organization who always tries to give us pleasure, happiness, and smiles through his art or singing. He is such a great nobleman who always contributes his work to the community. What he does always is for the cause of Community peace and happiness.

Rohingyas were forced to leave their homes. They have seen every kind of atrocities committed on them by Genocidal militaries. Those atrocities become nightmares for the Rohingyas especially children and old people who are surviving at the Refugee camps in Bangladesh. Most of them are spending their daily lives in depression and anxiety and mostly frustrated because of their plight. These traumatized people need to be cured mentally well. That is just the arts that bring them happiness in their minds.

Credit: Ro Yassin Abdumonab

He is an artist as well as a singer. Like him, there are so many Rohingya Brothers and sisters who are helping the community through Arts. They are doing arts of different categories that Rohingyas had in their country. They are drawing and painting everything which Rohingya left behind their country on the mural wall at every corner of the camps. When the children and old people including youths see these arts on mural walls and they feel happy and these make them keep their memories in mind. So it is the best therapy for mentally which makes the traumatized people happy.

He sings very well when his musician members play musical instruments. He sings for the community just to make them happy and forget the horrors and nightmares they saw and faced in their country. His voice makes the people happy and helps them forget their past of sadness and tragedies.

Sometimes he sings for peace, unity, rights, and persecutions they faced. So, we have to support these kinds of people who are important to the community to raise awareness, transforming tragedies into happiness, etc. Let’s support the arts and transform our lives.

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