It’s been reported that the Syrian refugee crisis is the biggest crisis since the Second World War. Even though the official numbers of refugees fluctuate and the actual numbers are hard to obtain, yet in 2011 due to the Syrian Civil War nearly 12.5 million Syrians have been taken away from their homes and massive causalities have been reported since the outset of the war. As such the figure below shows the number of causalities from March 2011 till March 2016.  In addition to that, the number of internally displaced persons in Syria from 2012 to 2018 has reached 6,183,920 according to the figure below. This article argues that even though the humanitarian cost of the crisis was borne by Syria’s neighbors as such Jordan and Lebanon, Turkey has by far allowed the highest number of Syrian refugees.

The number of Syrian refugees fleeing their home country is exactly equivalent to six of every ten Syrian reaching out for a shelter. As such various hosting countries allowed an influx of refugees.

Turkey by far is among these suffering hosting countries and has allowed the highest number of Syrian refugees. Syria, the conflict in Syria deepened and flocks of refugees fled to Turkey. To be more accurate on monthly basis over 20,000 fled to Turkey and it continued to rise during 2013 until it reached the peak. Turkey hosts more than 54% of the 6.6 million that have fled their home country since 2011.

Even though the associations among both Turkey and Syria are recently established, yet Turkey has allowed one million refugees since 2011. As shown in the figure below that Turkish government officials cited the number of displaced Syrian refugees registered and unregistered in Turkey during 2016 as mentioned in the figure below, as reached 2,823,987.

Not only has Turkey allowed Syrian refugees in but it has also committed to helping aid Syrian refugees. Turkey has maintained more than its fair and hospitals, devoted only to fleeing Syrians. Thus Turkey has been praised for its efforts due to its promising developments. The Turkish government has emphasized cultural and religious affinities with Syrian refugees.


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