I know it is not okay, but we say yeah it is alright,

Hiding the pain and sorrow behind our smile.

Pretending that we are at our best, in the midst of our struggle,

A few could relate to, a few could understand the instability in our stabilities.

All sudden, it is another displacement and imminent threat,

Perhaps, endless wars and fears. I belong to where I ask sometimes,

It is panic…it is uneasy,

Exhausted and in a state of hopelessness. I wonder.

Absence of choices and extreme vulnerability.

Courage after courage, running out of consciousness!

Sometimes unlucky, other times uncertain. These kill-

After all, so much pain, so little help, and solitude…

Another breakthrough, brighter day, aha! a new beginning!

Flashes of memories, like thunder makes my heart skip a beat,

You are a hero, not a survivor, in memory of everyone who was kind to me,

May your destination be… a home for the heroes.


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